Zac Jacobson

Zac Jacobson

Designer / Illustrator

My passion drives me to continually produce quality work that communicates, inspires and motivates.

I like to spend as much time as possible creating; even if it’s just drawing in a sketchbook or posting a new photo on Instagram. I am constantly looking for new ways to push the boundaries and change the future of graphic design. Designing has never been “work” to me. It is who I am and I thrive off of challenging projects that force me to step outside my comfort zone. The greatest reward of hard work is the self-satisfaction I get from producing new and exciting works of art. There are a lot of great designers and illustrators out there who I really look up to and grab inspiration from. They are the ones who have fed my desire to create successful work. Most of these people seem to have a specific style, something distinct that sets them apart from others. I aspire to be an inspiration, just as they are. Outside of design and illustration I really like traditional tattoos, good coffee, craft beer and a variety of music.


Oh Brother Brand™ Fall Line

This past week I launched the fall line for Oh Brother Brand™. Inspired by the great outdoors, I created 5 different garments using a fall-ish color scheme. From the design to the printing to the sewing of the tags, I was able to do it all by hand. The only thing I had help with was burning the screens for screen printing the garments. I had a local screen printer (Orchard Street Press) here in Milwaukee help me out with that. The whole process of creating these pieces all on my own was a great experience. A long…but great experience. The printing was hard for me, because I was printing AND drying the shirts with a heat gun simultaneously. Trying to print and dry was crazy, because I didn’t want the ink to dry on the screen before I was done drying the garments. Pretty ridiculous. Because of how time-consuming it is, I most-likely won’t do another round of garments on my own. I will send out for the next line of products. It’s really cool to see something come to life from an idea, sketch, design, screen, print, then onto people’s backs. It makes you appreciate the hard work it takes to make something with your own hands, especially when you decide to DIY your own line. I’m grateful to have family and friends in the area, so I can text them a few days before and ask if they would like to be in a photo shoot. My cousins Jesse and Cheyanne Smith helped me out with modeling the new line, along with my good friend Jermaine...

Maker Market

Come Visit us at Maker Market! We will be slingin’ shirts & rollin’ posters all day, this Sunday September 7th, from 10am to 4pm. We have been invited to be at the last Maker Market of the season and we couldn’t be more excited! The event will take place in the parking lot of the Bay View Colectivo Coffee here in Milwaukee. If you aren’t familiar with Maker Market, it’s basically a gathering of local makers that set up shop and sell the things they make. It’s an art, craft and maker fair that comes together the first Sunday of every month between May and September. Visit the Maker Market Facebook page to learn more of who will be there and any other info you may like to know. See you...

Aaron Draplin at Hamilton Shareholder Meeting

This weekend has been eye-opening for me for two reasons. First, saying goodbye to one of my best friends who is being deployed overseas to Afghanistan. The next time I will see him will be in a year from now when he stands up in my wedding. Scary stuff. Second, meeting Aaron Draplin at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. Draplin had spoke in Milwaukee a few months ago and I was unable to go at the time, so I was pretty bummed. Then this past week I’m sitting on my couch scrolling through Instagram and see that he’s headed to my hometown on the car ferry. After searching the internet, I found out he was speaking at Hamilton. I was stoked. I’ve been following Draplin’s work for quite some time now and it’s always been inspiring for me, so I was excited to see him speak. I felt like I could really connect with his experiences. Some more than others. We both grew up in the midwest from smaller towns skateboarding in the summers and snowboarding in the winters. We seemed to have some of the same experiences with clients and having a hard time saying no or even charging too low for work. I felt like, here is someone I really look up to as a designer that is very successful and comes from similar experiences that I’m facing or have faced in the past. And I kept thinking; “I can be where he is some day if I keep working hard”. I think every designer, at some point, tells themselves that they would like to...